Confidence Flies
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Fly Boxes

Exhaustively tested on arguably the best tailwater in the country.


Confidence Flies Box #1

Ode to Legends


This box was created with those that paved the way in mind.

A nod to the flies that get us excited to go explore new water with a sense of confidence. This waterproof, silicon box contains 54 flies, hand-crafted in Boulder, CO on barbless competition style hooks.


This box contains 6 flies of the following:

  • #16 Frenchie

  • #16 Pliva Perdigon

  • #16 Quilldigon

  • #16 Rootbeer Butano Perdigon

  • #16 Black Butano Perdigon

  • #14 Soft Hackle Carrot

  • #16 Soft Hackle Carrot

  • #14 Tungsten Surveyor

  • #16 Tungsten Surveyor