Secret Spots and Distance Memories

I’ve recently found myself thinking of my secret fishing spots, places I’ve been to over the years, adventures I’ve had with friends, and memories of a lifetime ago that seem so far away. Some of these places I know don’t exist anymore, but one place in particular wouldn’t leave my mind. This place was filled with so many spring creek trout, deer, wild flowers, untouched by humanity for over a hundred years. A place that only a few who go looking for it would find. I spent so many days here as a child. I can remember every turn in the trail, the different canyons the creek wound through. I can still see myself playing in the water with my friends, a bunch of wild children running through the forest in a place none of our parents ever set foot on. I knew where I could find this place, but I was scared of what I would find. How had time changed the memories I had of this paradise?

I can honestly say that there are only few things from my childhood that I can still look back on and get to fully enjoy as an adult. And it just so happens that this particular place is one of them. I was over the roof upon arriving to the same old, dusty trailhead with no signs, no trash cans, no sign of development. With each step closer to the top of the hill, I climbed, excited to see what the valley floor below would show me. And when I arrived, it was exactly as I had left in my memory. I spent the day reminiscing, laughing to myself, in awe that I was able to experience this place all over again with a new set of eyes. In a sad way, so much has changed in my life since my last visit to this special spot and so much gratitude filled my being, that all of those experiences had brought be right back to this very moment. Full circle.

I wish I could share with everyone the very place that means so much to me, but for those of us who have that spot, the place where the past, present, and future come together, it’s sacred and there aren’t too many places like that to enjoy.

Steve Hirschhorn