Welcome to Confidence Flies


We’ve all been there. Fish-less days, hours of contemplation during long drives home. Frustration that you had the right recipe, the right depth, everything was in place. Those days are going to happen, regardless. But wouldn’t it be nice to take that long list of flies from your local fishing report and narrow it down to a half dozen or so flies that would correctly imitate everything on that list. That’s where the idea of Confidence Flies was born.

We spent hours at one of our local tailwater, reading all the guide reports, tying all the flies, and fishing the sections hard for about 3 months straight. Unsatisfied with the amount success we were having, we figured there had to be a different approach, a simpler one, that would give us the more success on the river.

Tailwater sections are hard. They are fished harder than most public access sections. Especially when they become world-renowned. Any given day, it can be an elbow-to-elbow line up, each angler vying for their own piece of the river for a few hours. These fish have seen it all and there are a million different opinions as to what works and what doesn’t.

What we are trying to accomplish is a market place for hard to find materials and a curation of the best confidence flies. All of our boxes are hand tied, tested on the hardest fished tailwater in the country. Our flies are variations of tried and true patterns, new innovations, and hand picked collections from other tiers.

We look forward to hearing your feedback as we start this journey…

Steve Hirschhorn